The Risks and Costs of Making Cleanliness a Non-Priority

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If you want your business to succeed, then you need to learn how to prioritise. In particular, you need to determine where to allocate your limited resources to generate maximum profits.

Many companies spend most of their money on the following:

  • market research
  • recruitment and retention
  • tools and technology
  • branding
  • marketing and advertising
  • customer service
  • insurance

All of these are reasonable expenses that ultimately contribute to the growth and stability of Office Cleaning and House Cleaning as well. However, these are not the only things that should be on your priority list because these aren’t the only aspects involved in running a business.

For example, cleanliness should also be of prime concern and hiring a commercial cleaner is the best way to achieve this. If you make cleanliness a non-priority for your business, there are plenty of associated risks and costs such as the following:

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Various Health Issues

Any space that’s unclean and unhygienic can become a breeding ground for germs. That said, Office Cleaning workplaces are especially vulnerable because of the number of people that come and go at all hours. What’s more, there are multiple spots in a workplace that can harbour harmful microorganisms. The kitchen, dining area, and bathroom are the usual culprits, but bacteria and viruses can also make their home in individual desks and even devices like telephones. If these spaces are left in their grubby, disorganised state, you, your employees, and even your guests can contract a variety of diseases like the flu and food-borne illnesses. Aside from physical diseases, a messy workplace can also result in poor mental health. When your work environment—or even your home, for that matter—is dirty and cluttered, you’ll feel distracted, lethargic, anxious, or even frustrated. All of these can get in the way of your thought processes, including your creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Additionally, we offer  Pressure Washing Services Clean and well-maintained contributes to a comfortable and inviting environment for your culinary team and patrons.

Reduced Productivity

If you don’t prioritise cleanliness and organisation in your workplace, you may lose up to 2 hours of productivity per day. This is because even the simplest tasks, such as looking for a document that needs a signature, can take an inordinately long time to accomplish. What’s more, a dirty, cluttered office may affect one’s capability to focus. This further eats up people’s time, making them less efficient even in things that they’ve been doing for a long time. With a clean work environment, on the other hand, it will be easier to relax and condition the psyche to be in “work mode.” This in turn increases productivity and boosts morale, which makes your best employees more likely to stay with your company for years. 

Creates an Unprofessional Image

In the world of business, perception is an important part of a company’s image. Even if you do produce great work, it can be tainted by an unprofessional image that results from a poorly maintained workplace. As a result, potential business partners and talented job seekers may be reluctant to ink a deal with you. Meanwhile, potential customers may associate you with mediocre products and substandard service. Finally and perhaps most critically, your own employees may feel like you aren’t concerned about their well-being. This can lead to a higher turnover rate, which can increase your recruitment costs. Remember: it’s more expensive to hire new employees than to come up with programmes to make current employees stay. 

Added Maintenance Costs

Yes, hiring a commercial cleaning company costs money but this is definitely something that’s worth your investment. Why? Your furniture and electronic equipment will require more maintenance if you don’t keep them and their surroundings clean. For example, carpets and drapes will get saturated with dust and dirt if you don’t regularly vacuum and wash them. Aside from being allergy hazards, excessively dusty carpets and drapes may need more intensive, more expensive cleaning processes to restore them. Meanwhile, machines will likely malfunction if they get too clogged with dirt and grime. This means you have to spend money for repairs, or even for replacements if the damage is severe. Worse, your people may get injured by faulty electronic equipment. Many of these unpleasant and costly situations can be avoided simply by making cleanliness a priority in your workplace. 

May Lead to Legal Repercussions

Earlier, we mentioned that being negligent about workplace cleanliness can cause diseases and injuries. At the very least, this can cause a slight drop in productivity as your employees recover; at worst, you may face a lawsuit. Keeping a commercial space clean is also part of your responsibility as a business owner. As mandated by law, a company has to provide their employees a healthy, safe working environment. If your company fails to comply, you may face penalties in the form of fines or even a suspension of your licence to operate. To avoid all of these legal repercussions, make sure to include cleanliness as a priority. It’s a simple solution that benefits everyone! Obviously, a business has to generate income. That said, it shouldn’t be your only priority. You should also consider factors such as cleanliness that can also make a huge difference in your operational efficiency and productivity. 

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